It's Kara!

A few weeks ago, I got so sick of my hair! So, I made every change I could think of. I cut it off, I colored it, & I got bangs! Woohoo!.


It's a new Kara!.


There's a lot of Target going on in this picture! The jacket is from Target sales rack, as well as the pants. Nothing was over $7! Don't you just love this scarf? Our dear friends came to visit this weekend that live in India. India, if you didn't know, is the land of beautiful cheap scarves!! They gave me this gorgeous scarf. If I was an extrovert, I would have squealed!! I couldn't have picked out a prettier one..

Hope you all are doing well!!!


Making New Habits

Hey gals!

Have any of you made any new year's resolutions? Me Either! (that's if you said no) I figured I would get a few weeks into 2013 and then set some goals.just for me! If I break them, it's okay. BUT, like my post vacation goals, it is a time for me to reevaluate and make some goals. My 6 month no new clothes goal is going pretty well! In 2013, we hope to bring a baby home OR be close to bringing our baby home. So, I need to make good habits NOW, before my life turns upside down!.

6 Month Goals/New Habits:

1. Wake up earlier!

I don't have to be at work until 9 am.sometimes 11 am. That should give me nice morning time to get stuff done, but I'm a slacker! So, I am trying to wake up in enough time to get other things done in the morning besides watching morning TV & taking a shower..

2. Exercise 5x's a week!

TYPICAL, I know. This is one I've been trying since the new year and am doing really well. So, I feel good about it. I try to do P90X, but it is a lot for one week. So, I do it, but at my own pace..

3. Say NO to photography gigs!

THERE I finally said it.I'm turning in my camera. Well, not really! Just for photography sessions, weddings, and favors. I can't give people the attention they need and therefore it makes me hate it. Uggh, isn't that terrible! I used to love taking not so much. I like doing it for my own purposes, but not for anything else! I really want a new lens for fun, BUT just for family use! Oh, I feel so much better saying that out loud!.

4. Eat Healthier.

So, I am still not too old and in good health, but I have high cholesterol. Isn't that terrible?! I love pizza, mexican food, chocolate, bread, muffins, and all the other not so good for you food. I have been doing pretty well with this the last few weeks, BUT my friend introduced me to Wheat Belly! I am going to start next Monday with this plan.cutting out wheat! Apparently it spikes your blood sugar. Cutting it out of your diet can be beneficial in so many areas (triglycerides, skin, energy, etc). I've bought the book and cookbook. I've made a plan! It will take dedication, but I think it will be a good change for our family. Even without kids now, I worry about what I will feed my kids. There is so much out there that is NOT good! I want my kids to have good habits from the beginning. So, that means I need good habits NOW!.

Since this will take lots of dedication and discipline, I am going to reward myself for a job well done! It will take two weeks to overcome cravings, but even more time to create habits. So, if I go one month without breaking the plan, I will let myself buy a new purse..

5. Give up Dr. Pepper!

Oh my, this is going to be hard. I have cut back to only drinking them every other day. I drink lots of water now. BUT I want to give it up completely! Wish me luck..

AND now, because every post needs a cute picture, here is me and my nephew, Judah!.


So, tell me about you! Are you making any new habits for 2013?.

Insta-Everyday Present-gram

If you look to the right, you may notice we've added a fun new feature-an instagram feed! You're welcome to join in the fun! Use the hashtag #everydaypresentstyle to join in. We'd love to feature our friends on the blog, too!

(What's an Instagram? I want one!!!)

Going Down In a Blazer of Glory

The post in which I cannot defend my photography or my puns.


blazer: J. Crew Factory (via eBay) | tee: Forever 21 | scarf: thrifted (similar) | jeans: Gap Legging Jean | flats: Tory Burch Reva

1. I was gifted an online photography class for Christmas, but I haven't started yet. This was my first outfit post where I attempted to shoot manual-and this was the best photo of the lot. I'm hoping there's a good learning curve on this, but it needs to be done! We are lucky enough to have two Nikon cameras, and it's about time I learned what to do with them. First lesson learned, though. I'll be shooting on auto on the next round of outfit photos. Although I kind of like my distinct lack of wrinkles here.

2. This blazer is new to me, but the rest of the outfit is somewhat old (okay, the T was a recent purchase in a moment of weakness). I've been eyeing a navy Schoolboy blazer from J. Crew for quite a while, and keeping up with sales, but never saw one in my range. Meanwhile, several of my favorite bloggers wore theirs and I saw just how versatile it could be. Last week, on a whim, I checked eBay , and there just happened to be an auction ending on the Factory version that day. I checked with Franziska on twitter to see what she thought of the regular version vs the Factory and she gave a resounding approval. I bid and waited..and then, it was mine! MINE! For only $29.44. (About $170 less than the retail of one new.) The best part? It hadn't even been worn. The pockets and back vent were still sewed shut. Honestly, it deserves a better photo, but you'll be seeing lots of it.

3. After just a few months, I'm feeling like I'm in a really good place with updating my wardrobe. Which is great!-but that probably means-no shopping for a while. I'm hoping to go more in depth with that soon (as well as share a budget post for this month).

Home Sweet Home

So, what's new, gals? I've missed you all!

Things have been keeping me busier than usual-and it's about to get busier! Bear and I just bought our first home! Our contract was accepted today by the seller, and our closing date is exactly one month from today. Here's a sneak peek of the outside (obviously this was taken in the fall):


So that's where I've been! House hunting and closing. Ok, and maybe Pinteresting a LOT of ideas for our new home! This will be my first time having full say in the decor/wall color of a home, so I'm pretty excited about that. Is that something you as a reader would be interested in seeing?

Just wanted to pop in and give you an update. I'll be back this week to resume outfit posts.

Stripes & Mustard


Sweater (Urban Outfitters); Shirt (Loft); Jeans (Loft)



Hey Gals! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & New Year. I raked in the gifts.

Want to hear?

1. AAA Insurance (Yep! That's right!)
2. $50 to buy what I want! (Mustard Sweater & THIS awesome watch)
3. Loft Gift Card (bought skirt, shirt above, red chords, & another shirt)
4. Antropologie Gift Card (bought gift for sister, set of plates, & butter dish)
5. 2 scarves.
6. Theater tickets to go with my friend.
7. Jewelry.
8. Sequin Sweatshirt.
9. Target Gift Card (bought necessities)
10. GC for restaurant & GC for the movies. much stuff! :biggrin With the gift cards I was able to buy at least 1, maybe 2 things off my list! Mustard sweater & red chords. The chords are not skinny, but still I love them. I am about ready to give in and just buy a new chambray shirt at any store I find it. I haven't been able to find one at the thrift stores or at the gift card stores. I need to try the consignment stores. Tulsa girls, have you found any great consignment stores in town?

And because my husband decided to pose me and liked the picture:


So, how was your Christmas? Did you get anything off your shopping list?


PS-On a shopping trip with mom today, she bought me a black jacket similar to Laura's on sale at Target! SCORE!!

Merry Christmas!


The Lauras & The Karas all got to see each other Saturday! And imagine what the husbands discussed, "the plight of being married to a blogger!" So, we let them get in on the action and, as you can see, they ate up the spotlight.

You may have seen them around here and there on some posts, but allow us to officially introduce you to Mr. Kara & Mr. Laura!


Our friendship does exist in real life! It even began there. So, here we are!


Merry Christmas from the Everyday Present family!


Weekly Outfit Recap (Part II)

The end of this week saw a major rut-I wore black pants three days in a row. I'm re-wearing Wednesday's outfit tomorrow-so you'll see it soon!


I doubled up on (faux) leather-suede on top and waxed denim on the bottom. If denim on denim is a Texas Tuxedo, I'm not sure I want to know what's leather on leather?


top: Stylemint | pants: F21 | bag: Vintage | shoes: Payless


blazer: Vintage (belonged to my mom, from her teaching days!)


I dressed comfortably for the 4-hour car ride to my parents'. Tree socks are as "Christmas-y" as I get. icon


carf: Gap | sweatshirt: Target | leggings: J. Crew Pixie | socks: Kohl's | boots: Steve Madden

Merry Christmas to all of you!

The In Between

I am pretty blessed to blog with a very stylish lady, Laura! Her outfits the last few weeks have been awesome, but what did I expect? I, on the other hand, am a bit more unstylish somedays. Unstylish.that's a word, right?

So, here's what I've been wearing in between real outfit photos!


Casual Friday:

Just what you think. A relaxed day at the office. Saturday Night Out: You've seen a version of this outfit before.I wear stuff twice! There, I said it. Confession time over! Work 2: You can see I love my green jacket. I'll say, I really love this outfit! Lazy Day: Not too proud of this outfit. I have this polka dot bubble dress and it is comfortable. So, I wore it today!

Here is one in real life:


White t-shirt: Target; Skirt: Gap; Jacket: 2011 TXSC Swap find; Scarf: Gift from Jordan (yes, the country)

This was what I wore for a relaxed day at the office. I wouldn't say it was ground breaking, but I liked it. The jacket is one of my favorites and I loved it buttoned. I also really liked the contrast of colors. The scarf is just beautiful! Next time I wear this, I'll probably fashion the scarf just a bit differently. Probably more like THIS.

Now, you tell me! How many days out of 7 would you say you feel on trend or stylish?

(I would probably go with 2!)

Happy Friday!

(Did you notice the leaning star? It's.uh."leaning")

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